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How to get to Italy

October 13, 2016

Trip to italy arrived
Rome and Milan are Italy’s major international airports, the largest number of international flights, it is usually outside the italy vacation planning the beginning and end of the trip.

Rome, Rome, the road to Rome “, the image shows that Rome as Italy’s transportation hub, it has railways, roads leading to the country. Rome in the Mediterranean region is the central location, is also one of the center of international air transport.There are two airports in Rome , Where the Fiumicino airport (Fiumicino) is located about 35 kilometers southwest of the city of Rome, is the main aircraft landing airport .Interrance hall on the first floor, on the second floor for the departure hall .From the plane between Rome and European countries the most voyage Air tickets are expensive, but in advance reservations can often get a good discount, there are many low-cost airlines can choose to fly out of the airport must be two hours in advance to complete the formalities, for tax rebates, should be refunded, should be more than 4 hours, More time ahead.

Italy airport

Italy airport

From the airport to the city of Rome:

1, between the airport and the Termini station Leonardo Express Leonard Express, about 30 minutes by car, at the ticket office if the ticket is 9.5 euros in the car will buy 14 euros. The operating time of the airport to Termini station is 6: 37-23: 37, every 30-60 minutes, the station to the airport operating time is 5: 52-22: 52.

2, from the airport to the station that Taiwan Tibutina Tibutina train, the whole about 40 minutes, the fare 5 euros. Airport departure time is 6: 27-21: 27, every 30-60 minutes, starting from the Taiwan-Bertina Station is 5: 36-20: 36 every 15-60 minutes, 21: 36-22 Every 30 minutes. Metro station B can be interchangeable at the station.

3, the night train: airport line parking, the night bus started running. From the airport bound for the station that the train station at 1: 15,2: 15,3: 30,5: 00 departure, stop at Termini Station, the whole about 50 minutes, the fare 5 euros, return fares 3.62 euros, 0:30, 1: 15,2: 30,3: 45.


Italy railway network is part of the European railway network, to the major European cities of the international express trains in Italy, the main stop there Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and so on.

The letters on the train timetable

EC: European city express, connecting Italy and Europe’s major cities of high-speed trains, need to book in advance, need to pay special charges.

En: European night train, high-speed train running at night, there are sleeper, need to book, need to pay special fee and bed fee.

CIS: International high-speed trains connecting Italy and Switzerland need to be booked at an express fee.

Italy train

Italy train

Connecting the route between Italy and Greece. Holders of the Euro-Trains Pass on the Italian-Greek route pay an entry tax of € 6 and a 25% discount on the use of the cabin. Sailing in the Mediterranean feel good, but the speed of the ship is usually slower, in a hurry, or by plane better.

Italy Ship

Italy Ship

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