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Milan, a total of eight railway stations, railway traffic is very developed.
The Stazione Centrale is the largest railway station, located in the north-east of the city center, a 60-minute drive from Malpensa International Airport. The railway station is divided into upper and lower levels, mainly for domestic and European international routes, information desk and platform in the station on the second floor, and the ground floor for the ticket office. From there you can reach Rome in 4 hours by train and 3 hours in Florence and Venice. Milan central station with subway station, bus station and taxi designated travel, to facilitate visitors to Milan throughout.
Seven stations, such as Stazione Porta Garibaldi, Milano Nord Cadorna and Stazione Lambrate, are much smaller than the central railway station. Between the railway station, there is a M2 line connected to the subway.
Ticket search Italian railway network: web link
To other major cities of the railway network: http: // www.italotreno.it

Milan train station

Milan train station

Milan coach
There are 2 larger coach stations in Milan’s city center, the Citadelle Bus Station near Piazza Castello and the Lampugnano bus station next to Lampugnano, the red line. In the railway developed Europe, coach more services in some can not lay the tracks of the mountains and nature reserves.

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